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The Doors to Membership are Open

Become a Member Today!


The backstory:

We won’t take you all the way back to 1883 or recount all the fascinating stories of the early temple days in this sitting. But as you probably know, the founders of the temple were prominent leaders of Trinidad, and Temple Aaron thrived for many decades before the city saw its economic and demographic downturn. As the community shrank, the congregation diminished, and things were not looking so good for Temple Aaron’s future. In 2016, funding from the Alfred Freudenthal Foundation had all but run out, the Torahs were removed, and the building was put up for sale. Then a group of concerned individuals stepped in, and despite the odds, they were able to keep the temple safe in the hands of the Rubin family. Since that rescue operation, it is no understatement to say that Temple Aaron has undergone a dramatic transformation marked by growth in all directions – a solid Board of Directors, an influx of grant funding, a re-energization of programs and events, and critical efforts to restore and preserve the building. We even have a shiny non-profit status under our new (as of 2019) official name, Temple Aaron of Trinidad, Colorado.


The gift:

As the temple has emerged from the ashes, a completely unexpected thing has happened. What began as an effort to preserve Temple Aaron from physical demise has blossomed to include much more than simply saving a building, albeit a beautiful and historically significant one. A very unique, robust community has emerged, and with it has evolved a new vision for the future. This diverse, disparate community includes individuals and families, some local and most scattered across the region and beyond. It includes Jews of all flavors as well as non-Jews who are equally committed to the temple’s future. Some have attended services in decades past and are an integral part of the temple’s history, while others are newcomers who love Temple Aaron for what it represents and the hope it offers for the future. Still others have told us they have always loved the building and just want to be there for reasons they can’t really articulate. Whatever the reasons, we (the Board) cannot count the number of times people have thanked us for bringing it back to life with events, services, and restoration efforts.

We in turn thank you for your tremendous support. You have made it possible by showing up – by attending events, donating, and sharing your time, ideas, and enthusiasm in so many ways. 


Connecting to the past, sustaining the future:

Given the incredible momentum and dedication we have seen in this community, it is clear the time has arrived to begin the next chapter in Temple Aaron’s story: formalization of our community through designated membership. It has been some years in the making, but we are ready.

Membership to Temple Aaron is different than membership in most synagogues today. While we don’t offer all of the same expectations of weekly services, Hebrew school, and the like (yet), this is an opportunity to belong to the Temple Aaron family. It is about belonging to a very special community with deep roots to the past and a simultaneous dedication to sustaining the future for the generations to come.


The details:

We want to make it simple. Membership levels are:

  • Individual: $180 per year

  • Family: $360 per year

  • Lifetime membership: $1800

  • Supporter: $36 -- for those who wish to support Temple Aaron but who do not plan to attend events


Benefits of membership:

  • Members are invited to attend all Temple Aaron events and services at no additional cost.

  • Members may use the temple for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, and other life cycle events.

  • Support from the Rabbi and community.

  • Lifetime members will also receive a special gift from Temple Aaron.


Membership levels can be paid either in a single amount or via monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly payments online.


Click to become a member 



Or you may mail a check to:

Temple Aaron of Trinidad

c/o Neal Paul

2943 West Riverwalk Circle, Unit S

Littleton, CO 80123


Questions? Contact us at or call 303.905.2161.

Thank you again for being part of Temple Aaron’s story. We are so happy to be building Temple Aaron’s future together with you.

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