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The Rubin family of Raton, NM has taken care of Temple Aaron for more than four decades. Deep thanks to Kathryn and Leon Rubin for their many years of service, and their sons Randy and Ron, whose dedication and committed stewardship continue today. 


Tremendous gratitude is also extended to the many generous recent donors who are making it possible to preserve Temple Aaron, including:


  • Larry A. Mizel

  • David London, ESQ. 

  • Max and Elaine Appel 
  • Michael Staenberg 

  • Stuart Zall 

  • Jay and Gina Cimino 

  • Dana Crawford 

  • Estella Cole

  • Phil Goodstein 

  • Jewish Federation of New Mexico 

  • Peter Kudla 

  • Jim Sullivan

  • Evan Makovsky

  • Shames Makovsky Realty Co.

  • Les Liman

  • Steven Cohen

  • Jerry and Linda Kernis

  • Alys Romer

  • Mark Cytrynbaum

  • Lois Keil

  • Allen Cooperman

  • Dan and Margo Jacobson

  • Sam Okner

  • Jay Davis

  • Andrea Jimenez

  • Joan and David Banko

  • Donna Medina 

  • John Rivers and Leona Rubin

  • First National Bank in Trinidad

  • Ghost Town Club of Colorado

and Twin Enviro Services of Steamboat Springs.

















Top:  Randy, Kathryn, and Ron Rubin

Middle: Neal Paul, Larry A. Mizel, Stuart Zall, and David London


Below left: Neal Paul, Stuart Zall, David London, Evan Makovsky

Below middle: Elise and Stuart Zall, and Izzy, Temple Aaron's 'service dog'

Below, right: Neal Paul, Max Appel. 


A growing community within Colorado and surrounding states is actively campaigning to preserve the historic Temple Aaron of Trinidad, Colorado. The Temple Aaron campaign has met its initial goal to fund critical repairs, two-year operating expenses, and commission of a historic building assessment. A capital campaign will follow to secure an endowment for preservation in perpetuity. This success has been made possible by local temple leadership and congregation members, individuals and organizations throughout CO and NM, historic preservation societies, and others who are committed to preserving this unique and special landmark.  

Temple Aaron of Trinidad, Colorado


Physical location:

407 S. Maple Street, Trinidad, CO 81082


Mailing address:

c/o Randy Rubin, 228 S 6th St, Raton NM 87740


tel: 303.905.2161

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