Temple Aaron of Trinidad, Colorado has raised over $150,000 since the For Sale sign was removed from the lawn in 2016. While that may sound like a lot, we have much work to do.


As of November 2020, an immediate need is to raise $30,000 to match the State Historical Fund (SHF) grant that was awarded to help with critical roof repairs. After the immediate roof repairs are complete, a much larger sum will be required to perform the full scope of restoration throughout the building, including additional roof work, masonry, boiler, bathroom renovations, retaining wall repair, portico repair, and more. Long term, the plan entails establishment of an endowment to ensure the temple's preservation in perpetuity.


Temple Aaron launches 100x6 campaign 

Temple Aaron has launched its 100x6 campaign to raise $100,000 in six months (beginning December 2020):

  • $30,000 to match the SHF grant by March 1, 2021;

  • $60,000 to replace the temple’s boiler by June 30, 2021; and

  • $10,000 towards operating expenses for 2021.

      $100,000 total


Can you help us reach this goal?  

Every dollar of the first $30,000 raised will be applied to matching the SHF grant. The next $60,000 received will be directly applied to the boiler work, and additional funds after that will support Temple Aaron’s essential operating expenses.

Please consider making a monthly donation of any amount to help with our efforts, both for restoration as well as programming. Your generous donations will keep Temple Aaron functioning and holding religious services, outreach to other faiths and community members, and benefiting the city residents and visitors who wish to know more about the history of Colorado and New Mexico's Jews.

If you prefer to mail your contribution, please send to:

Temple Aaron of Trinidad Colorado

c/o Ron Rubin

1042 Oak Hills Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80919


Temple Aaron of Trinidad, CO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Thank you for helping us meet our needs and preserving the cherished history of this significant structure. We are grateful for all donations in helping us reach this goal.