Temple Aaron of Trinidad: Mission


Temple Aaron of Trinidad, Colorado, a Colorado non-profit corporation, has the following tenets as its mission:


1. To own, operate, and maintain the building and property known as Temple Aaron, located at 407 S. Maple Street, Trinidad Colorado 81082.


2. To foster awareness of Temple Aaron and the historical significance of the building as one of the oldest synagogues in the Western United States and as a source of pride for the Jewish communities of Colorado, New Mexico and the Mountain West Region.


3. To create and grow a 21st century virtual Jewish congregation for those for whom Temple Aaron is a special place.


4. To hold Jewish and appropriate secular events at the building as often as possible so that Temple Aaron remains a place of Jewish worship connected to its community.


5. To undertake any appropriate activities related to the foregoing, including community outreach, association with other Jewish and secular organizations, fundraising, applying for grants, and maintaining a website and social media accounts.





A growing community within Colorado and surrounding states is actively campaigning to preserve the historic Temple Aaron of Trinidad, Colorado. The Temple Aaron campaign has met its initial goal to fund critical repairs, two-year operating expenses, and commission of a historic building assessment. A capital campaign will follow to secure an endowment for preservation in perpetuity. This success has been made possible by local temple leadership and congregation members, individuals and organizations throughout CO and NM, historic preservation societies, and others who are committed to preserving this unique and special landmark.  

Temple Aaron of Trinidad, Colorado


Physical location:

407 S. Maple Street, Trinidad, CO 81082


Mailing address:

c/o Ron Rubin

1042 Oak Hills Drive,

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

email: info@templeaaron.org

tel: 303.905.2161

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